Fruitful continuation of the collaboration with the Parliamentary Group of Friendship Serbia-Order of Malta

At the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Belgrade, the president of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship Serbia – Order of Malta, Hon. Vladimir Marinkovic met again with Ambassador Alberto di Luca. As always, very friendly and constructive are the relations especially thanks to the availability given by Hon. Marinkovic, Vice President of the Serbian Parliament. During this last long and cordial meeting, various issues were discussed: the possible enlargement of parliamentarians interested in working with the group of Friendship; the substantial improvement of the Humanitarian Agreement put in place, still not sufficient enough to ease aid imports in Serbia collected in other countries; and the possible signing of the Postal Agreement between Serbia and the Order of Malta.

National Day of the Republic of Serbia

February 15th
The solemn moment of the execution of the National Anthem
The President of the Republic of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic, has personally welcomed the guests at the “Gala Reception” on the occasion of the National Day of Serbia. After the National Anthem, the President made an interesting speech that touched mainly historical topics related to the Constitution. By the end, with great availability and generosity, he conversed with the church authorities, first of all with H.H. Irinej, the present members of the Government, the accredited Ambassadors and with the important personalities of the country.

The Mayor of Ub enthusiastic for “Make a WISH”

Even the Mayor of Ub, Darko GliÅ¡ić, expressed to Ambassador Alberto di Luca his personal appreciation for the initiative undertaken by the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Serbia. This city was also seriously affected, last May, by the floods and, as it often happens, to pay the higher price are the children and the elderly. For the project “Make a WISH” aimed at students of primary schools, the Mayor GliÅ¡ić said he was willing to centralize at City Hall the demands of the young students, and,  perhaps even, try to make them write their WISHES in English! The requests, as established by the Regulation visible on this website, should be sent to the Embassy in Belgrade by March 13th.

Interest and cooperation from Ljig

Ljig, District of Kolubara

Great interest and enthusiasm in Ljig for the project “Make a WISH to the Sovereign Order of Malta.” The Mayor of the city affected by the recent severe floods, has warmly welcomed the Ambassador Alberto di Luca and the Project Manager of “Make a WISH” Prof. Nenad Prokic at City Hall, where he listened with interest to all the details around the project and to the modalities of participation. There are many children attending primary schools in Ljig, and the Mayor Dragan Lazarević has offered to help spread the information about the project – as do the daily newspaper Politika and PinkTV – and he is certain that the initiative of the Embassy in Serbia of the Sovereign Order of Malta will be very well received by the children much affected by the floods.

The Order of Malta at the Annual Conference of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean in the Principality of Monaco

February 2nd

The Ambassador Alberto di Luca, designated by the Grand Chancellor H.E. Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, represented for the second time the Sovereign Order of Malta at the Annual Plenary Conference of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, taking place these days in the Principality of Monaco, chaired by Sen. Francesco Amoruso.

After the inaugural session of the Conference, Ambassador di Luca presented to H.R.H. Prince Albert II the members of the Delegation of the National Assembly of Serbia, who have donated to the Sovereign Prince of Monaco a memory-plaque of their Parliament and transmitted best wishes and greetings from the Serbian institutional Authorities.