From IEO and Monzino of Milan, an important aid to the University Hospital Zvezdara.

Belgrade, April 8th, 2014

Our first Counsellor of the Embassy, Mr. Buora, is the President of IEO (European Institute of Oncology) and the Monzino Cardiology Center, the only exclusively cardiology hospital in Europe. Thanks to him, and above all thanks to IEO and Monzino, it was possible to realize a project of humanitarian cooperation between Milan and Belgrade. Numerous equipment and equipment held for sale by the two Italian hospitals were sent to the University Medical Center of Zvezdara, Belgrade. The 135 square meters of equipment, after many bureaucratic difficulties, have arrived and have been delivered during the first few days of April. Discharged the two big trucks, today was the official delivery to the Director of the hospital, Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Arandjelovic, who , very moved , thanked also through the TV stations present, IEO , Monzino and the Sovereign Order of Malta. In particular, new special beds and defibrillators have been placed at the cardiology department recently restored, that is now made ​​more comfortable and equipped thanks to this donation. The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta has managed the not so easy logistics around the collection of the equipment, the shipment, and the complex procedures for customs clearance. Through common intention to continue the collaboration, the Director Aleksandra Arandjelovic , wanted to introduce  Ambassador Alberto di Luca to the Head of the Department of Ophthalmology , Dr. Miroslav Stamenkovic , to assess the possibility of cooperation on the issue of maculopathy.

Congratulations to Hon. Marinkovic

Belgrade, April 2014

Ambassador Alberto di Luca gave his and the Sovereign Order of Malta’s congratulations to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship Serbia – SMOM, Hon. Vladimir Marinkovic, just re-elected at Serbian Parliament.

The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Belgrade has concluded at Sabac the cycle of the initiative “a hot meal in a cold winter”.

Aleksinac and Sabac, from December to March

At Sabac, a town near the borders with Bosnia and Croatia , where, in the 90s, more than 8,000 were the refugees , and where was then created one of the first shelters for refugees , was concluded the cycle of the initiative of the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Belgrade ” a hot meal on a cold winter”. The first day was held on the occasion of the Holy Catholic Christmas: hosted by the Order of Malta in the Parish of St. Anne, for the first time, for the people most in need of Sabac. Thanks to the collaboration of the local Caritas, and in particular its Director in Sabac Miroljub Nikolić, the initiative has continued on December 30th at the Psychiatric Department of the local hospital, where are housed people with disabilities of the area. Subsequently, special attention has been given to refugees and then, during recent weeks, the initiative continued at different locations where, particularly pressing, is the need for these kinds of measures of human and social solidarity. The last day of the initiative “hot meals”, which started in December until March 8th, was hosted in its last day at the headquarters of the Sabac Caritas in and sparked the joy of all its guests.

May we remember that  on the first day, in the other host city of the initiative, Aleksinac ,were present HE Msgr. Stanislav Hocevar, the Orthodox Deacon Nenad Popovic , the Order’s Ambassador Alberto di Luca , the Mayor of Aleksinac , Nenad Stankovic , the Director of the local hospital , Dr. Dragan Stamenkovic , Ms. Bratislava Stojkovic , coordinator of Social Affairs at the Center for Social Work of Aleksinac and the Director of the Serbian Caritas Miloje Veljic .

On the final day in Sabac, in addition to its Caritas Director Miroljub Nikolić, for the administration of the City intervened Milos StanojÄŤić , Head of City Administration. The local TV stations have not failed to ask Ambassador di Luca if the initiative will be repeated in the coming years. His words were those of “confirmation that these initiatives are the ones closest to our mission that we carry out in 120 countries around the world where we are present, so surely to be continued. What is not yet decided is whether the cities will still be Sabac and Aleksinac, or other cities in Serbia. ”


Belgrade, March 7

Last December, thanks to the precious collaboration of the Delegation of the Sovereign Order of Malta of Lombardy in Milan, was made possible the shipment and delivery of 29 pallets of food and clothing to the specialized hospital for rehabilitation and orthopedic prostheses. A natural sense of gratitude was expressed by the Director of the Hospital, Dr. Biljana Vidakovic Maksimovic, to the Ambassador of the Order of Malta, Alberto di Luca. Was then established an aid program for the future. The main element that appeared to be needed was a vehicle with a lifting platform for wheelchairs for transport of patients with disabilities. The Embassy in Belgrade immediately searched for and found, thanks to the precious collaboration of CISOM Como (The Order of Malta’s Relief Corps), in the names of Giacomo Salemma and the National Director Mauro Casinghini, the requested vehicle. A generous donation to CISOM from Fondazione cà d’Industria was the way to adhere to this requirement for Serbia.


Goran Petrovic , the Deputy Foreign Minister’s wish for the Grand Master’s and the Grand Chancellor’s visits to Serbia .

Belgrade, February 28th 2014

On February 28th, in a particularly friendly atmosphere, Ambassador Alberto di Luca met with the Deputy Director of the Directorate General for Bilateral Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Ambassador Goran Petrovic, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgrade.

During the long and cordial meeting various issues were addressed in regards to the already excellent relations between the Order of Malta and Serbia.

In particular, Ambassador di Luca and Ambassador Petrovic spoke about the ongoing activities and future projects of bilateral cooperation in the light of the recently signed humanitarian Agreement which facilitates the multiple initiatives of the Embassy of the Order in Serbia.

Among other topics discussed, were the common desire to soon reach the signing of the Postal Agreement and a joint assessment on the importance of developing cooperation in all fields between the two parties. In addition, the Deputy Minister Petrovic has expressed to Ambassador di Luca the Serbian authorities’ wishes for the definition of dates of the expected visits, of the Grand Master and the Grand Chancellor to Belgrade.