Last stages of the “Make a WISH 2016” project

Sremcica, December 2016

One of the most requested WISHES by the kids of the Orphanage of Sremcica was a Minibus to enable them to commute to schools, sports halls or even “just” to be able to see the outside world with its cultural and sporting events, or even have the opportunity to learn about new places impossible for them to see without adequate means of transport.

Official visit to the Republic of Serbia of the Grand Hospitaller of the Order of Malta

Belgrade,  December 8th 2016

Following the invitation of H.E. Zlatibor Lončar, Minister of Health of the Republic of Serbia, to an official visit to Belgrade, the Grand Hospitaller of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta , H.E. Prince Dominique de la Rochefoucauld-Montbel arrived today at the Capital’s airport, welcomed by the Assistant to the Minister of Health, Dr. Zoran Mihailovic, and by the Ambassador of the Order, Alberto di Luca.

The Protocol for Cooperation between the Government of Serbia and The Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta has been signed

Belgrade, Palace of Serbia, December 1st   

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Affairs of Serbia, dr. Nenad Ivanisevic, and Mr. Lajos Györi-Dani the President of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta have signed on Thursday, December 1st, the Protocol of general cooperation for migration and refugee assistance.

“Make a WISH” 2016 continues…

Sremcica, April
The main development of the 2016 edition of the project “Make a WISH to the Sovereign Order of Malta” is to be alongside to those most in need  as soon as possible, without waiting for a final ceremony of delivery of the WISHES.

The letters for “Make a WISH” are arriving. And the first WISH has already been “delivered”!

Sremcica, April 2016

From March 15th the boys and girls housed in the orphanages and Centers for youth with mental disabilities in Sremcica and Izvor – in Serbia – have begun to send, to the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Belgrade, their letters with their WISHES, as required by the rules of the project “Make a WISH to the Sovereign Order of Malta 2016”.

In the beautiful "framework" of the 14th century a "picture" of human distress

Izvor, March 10

In the beautiful setting of an Orthodox monastery of the fourteenth century, operates a center which houses up to 92 young and older girls, with mental disability issues.

The management of the center is entrusted to twenty nuns, guided by the dynamic Sister Kliterija, always available to give assistance, with a lot of love and infinite patience, to their beloved “girls”.
The awareness of the needs of its young guests and of its Sisters is such that the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Serbia decided to incorporate this center in the program “Make a WISH to the Sovereign Order of Malta” for 2016, currently in the process of being defined.

"A hot meal in a cold winter"

Belgrade, March 7

This year, the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the Republic of Serbia wants to give even more attention to the needy children, especially to the orphans and the unwell.
For this reason the Ambassador Alberto di Luca and First Counsellor Carlo Buora went today to the “Shelter for children” of Belgrade to hear directly from the kids that are housed and its Director Danjela Stojkovic, how the initiative “A hot meal in a cold winter” is progressing.

Ambassador di Luca met with the new Apostolic Nuncio to Serbia, Msgr. Suriani

Belgrade, February 26

The Ambassador Alberto di Luca paid a visit to the Nunciature of the Holy See to address the most devout and friendly welcome, in the name of the Sovereign Order of Malta, to H.E. Msgr. Luciano Suriani, the new Apostolic Nuncio of His Holiness Pope Francis to the Republic of Serbia. During the long and friendly meeting Ambassador di Luca outlined to the Nuncio the presence and activities, completed and in progress, promoted by the Embassy in various parts of the country, presenting to Msgr. Suriani a recent publication that summarizes the humanitarian initiatives undertaken by the Order of Malta worldwide.

In progress in Albania the 10th Plenary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean

Tirana, 18-19 February 2016

The Tenth Plenary Assembly of the PAM – Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean – is currently taking place in Tirana with the participation of 240 delegates from 24 countries and six Undersecretaries of the United Nations.

The welcoming speeches were held by the President of the National Parliament of Albania, Hon. Ilir Meta, and Prime Minister Hon. Edi Rama.