Make a WISH from Izvor

 Monastery in Izvor, Sept. 2020

Recently, we visited once again the Institution St.Petka, taken care by the Monastery in Izvor. This time we were accompanied by the Elder Borivoje Borac and 4 young missionaries and volunteers from LDS Charities.

Covid-19: reintroduction of curfew

Belgrade, July 9

Epidemiological situation in Serbia is worsening: 13 deaths were recorded yesterday and 299 new cases.

A situation is particularly alarming in Belgrade, therefore the President Aleksandar Vucic has announced reintroduction of new restrictive measures that have been abolished in the past few weeks. Gatherings of more than five people are thus prohibited, while curfew will be reintroduced from Friday to Monday, probably from 18 h on Friday to 5 h on Monday morning.

St. John the Baptist, Feast Day of the Sovereign Order of Malta

Niš, June 24

We have been celebrating for years our National Day, St. John the Baptist, at the National Theater in Belgrade by organizing an event of cultural diplomacy. On that occasion, prominent artists from abroad would enter the Opera stage with the performance of one of the famous Italian operas. This year, due to Covid-19 pandemic, we have not been able to continue our tradition. So we tried to find the way – coherent with our mission – to celebrate the almost one thousand years of the history of our Order.

St. Anthony

Belgrade, june 13

In Serbia, St. Anthony (died in Padua-Italy on June 13, 1231) is greatly venerated and therefore also this year – with all the limitations imposed by Covid-19 – they wanted to remember the Saint with some celebrations.

COVID-19 and older adults

Belgrade, May 29, 2020

As it is well-known, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected especially older people across the world.  Therefore, the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the Republic of Serbia, immediately accepted a proposal made by H.E. Most Rev. Mons. Stanislav Hocevar, Archbishop of Belgrade, concerning the situation in a Gerontological Center in Mladenovac.


The Corona virus has affected people worldwide regardless of gender, age and social status. As might be expected, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the poorest and people above the age of 65 were exposed to inconveniences of all kinds. The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the Republic of Serbia, together with its American partners Latter-day Saint Charities, wanted to be close to the most needy, providing assistance especially to those over the age of 65 (since they were prohibited from leaving homes during the state of emergency established in Serbia on March 15).

Grand Magistry Announces Death of H.M.E.H. Grand Master Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto


With profound regret the Grand Magistry announces the death of His Most Eminent Highness the Prince and 80th Grand Master Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, which took place in Rome a few minutes after midnight on 29th April, following an incurable disease diagnosed a few months ago. According to article 17 of the Constitution of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Grand Commander Fra’ Ruy Gonçalo do Valle Peixoto de Villas Boas has assumed the functions of Lieutenant ad interim and will remain head of the Sovereign Order until the election of the new Grand Master.

Grand Master Order of Malta: “Malades and their families in my prayers”

Dear confreres and consoeurs, dear professionals, volunteers and supporters of the Order of Malta around the world,

In this unprecedented moment that is uniting over 150 nations worldwide in facing the same grave challenges, my most profound gratefulness goes to the Order of Malta’s associations, volunteers and relief corps who have been contributing in supporting the national health systems in several of the countries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our medical staff and volunteers are providing assistance to the elderly who are forced to quarantine at home, by regularly delivering food and medicines, and health teams are deployed to administer tests to the population and to manage some mobile medical units which are equipped to handle the virus, strictly following the sanitary guidelines. Their indefatigable dedication is witness of the Christian message and faith which underlies all the charitable activities of the Order of Malta.

PAM Plenary Assembly

Athens, feb 21st

During the 14th Plenary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) which took place in Athens, an award was given to CISOM (Italian Rescue Corps of the Sovereign Order of Malta). It was the recognition for the medical and humanitarian support activity in the Sicilian Channel, as in other areas of the World, by this organization present in different countries with its 4000 volunteers.

Grand Master’s Christmas message

Dear confreres and consoeurs, dear supporters of the Order around the world,

Christmas is a time of joy, of light and of hope. Let us open our hearts to the Son of God, and welcome Him, as we recognise His presence amongst all our brothers and sisters, especially the elderly, the sick and those in need. Let us do this so that, even during this celebration which is so important to us believers, our commitment of solidarity with our brothers and sisters is always paramount.