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Delivery of eight patrol boats

In the photo, left, the Italian Interior Minister On. Roberto Maroni with, in the center, the designer and builder Ing. Fabio Buzzi and, right,Ambassador Alberto di LucaBelgrado, 18 Marzo 2011

At the time of delivery to the Italian Guardia di Finanza of eight patrol boats
by the Italian shipyard F & B Design, Ambassador Alberto di Luca said he hoped that some patrol boats being disused by GdF may be provided to the Serbian Police to patrol against illegal immigration, on the Danube.

Nella foto, a sinistra, alla guida il Ministro dell’Interno italiano On. Roberto Maroni con, al centro, il progettista e costruttore Ing. Fabio Buzzi e, a destra, l’Ambasciatore Alberto di Luca.