Focus on problems and prospects of “Humanitarian Diplomacy”

Belgrade, April 16

At the Archbishop’s residence – guests of Belgrade Archbishop, H.E. the Most Reverend Mons. Stanislav Hočevar – was held a Focus-group about Humanitarian Diplomacy, organized by the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta intended at exchanging experiences and analyzing problems and prospects of this vast project field that coincides with the millenium old mission of the Order of Malta.

Shelter, happy and satisfied

Belgrade, Easter 2018

Catholic Easter will be celebrated in a few days and Orthodox Easter the week after.

“Our” children from the Shelter already knew they would receive the necessary food for everyday life under the Project “A hot meal in a cold winter” promoted by our Embassy, and some extra things to celebrate Easter.

Important Zepter medical device under the “Make a WISH” Project 2018

Izvor, March 7

Exactly one month ago, on the occasion of the delivery of oxygen concentrator, the Mother Superior Glikerija from the St. Petka Institution expressed to the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta her WISH for the girls – protegès of the Center in Izvor. The WISH was a phototherapy device produced in Switzerland by the company Bioptron AG (a company which, since the mid-90’s, has become part of the Zepter industrial group). This modern medical device is used in the professional field in hospitals, specialized institutes, wellness and sports centers: it allows the transformation of light into electrochemical energy, activating a chain of biochemical reactions between cells not limiting itself to the treated skin area but involving the whole organism.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) – The Plenary Assembly

Bucharest, February 15 and 16

The work of the 12th Plenary Assembly of the PAM (Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean) is concluded in Bucharest.

Among the most relevant and interesting speeches was the one presented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Libya, H.E. Mohamed T. H. Syala who has outlined a lucid picture of the migration phenomenon on the two shores of the Mediterranean, also in reference to the institutional and political stabilization efforts of his country.

Medical device for the Institution St. Petka in Izvor

February 8, 2018, St. Petka,

Center for women with disabilities in Izvor. In January, the Management of the Center has informed the Embassy in Belgrade about their “WISH”, necessary and urgent: an oxygen concentrator, indispensable for better medical treatment of 92 protegès, which lacked among medical devices in this Center – run with affection by Orthodox nuns.

Make a WISH to the Order of Malta 2018

Initiative in favour of Serbian children with difficult pathologies

The Order of Malta has the millenium old history of assistance to the poor, the weak and the sick. In Serbia the Embassy of the Sovereign Order in Belgrade, has promoted various humanitarian initiatives together with programmes of instruction and formation.
The parents and the medical staff, giving assistance to children carrying difficult pathologies that require special treatment or in need of surgery that requires significant and rare skills, during the year 2018, have the possibility of informing the Embassy of the Order of Malta in Belgrade of their situation and their needs.

Christmas atmosphere at the “Shelter for children” in Belgrade

A successful Charity Dinner organized by the spouses Luigi and Ulrike Ruggeri in mid-December, on the Cote d‘Azur, enabled the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Serbia to support the Project “A hot meal in a cold winter” during the whole winter 2017-2018 in favour of the humanitarian institution “Shelter for Children” in Belgrade.