The last initiative of the “Make a WISH 2018” successfully completed

Nis, December

The last “Make a WISH to the Order of Malta” letter has arrived just in time to allow the Commission to “accept” an exception to the “Make a Wish” Regulation that provides support for young people in Serbia. To be specific, The Embassy received a letter from an 85-year-old lady. The decision was taken considering the fact that in 2019, it will be enabled not only for young people to participate in the “Make a WISH” Project but also for elderly or those who have specific and serious life and health needs.

The feast of Saint Nicholas for Serbian children

Belgrade, Dec. 24

This year the anniversary of St. Nicholas, being organized for many years now by the Catholic Archbishop of Belgrade, was celebrated on December 24. One of the most loved and heartfelt children’s feasts in Serbia has been postponed for three weeks because of the extended and important renovation of the Church “Christ the King” which is the sacred place where the event takes place.

Proceeding with “Make a WISH”

Belgrade, Dec. 13

Sometimes we receive a letter at the Embassy with request for a “WISH” that is also a birthday present. Such a case occurred last month when we got a “Make a WISH to the Order of Malta” letter from Marija P, a 17-year-old girl from Valjevo (a town in Western Serbia) just around her birthday on November 14.

World Day of the Poor

Belgrade, Nov. 18, 2018

The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta wanted to participate actively in the “World Day of the Poor” through its initiative dedicated to the marginalized and elderly people, affirming in this way the millennial charism of the Order “Obsequium Pauperum” (“Assistance to the poor”) and its constant commitment in favor of people in need of  medical assistance and of living a life of dignity, both at an international level and in Serbia. 

International Conference in Belgrade “The European Identity”

Belgrade, Nov. 9-11

The Catholic Archbishop of Belgrade Mons. Stanislav Hocevar organized an international conference “The European Identity” at the premises of the National Bank of Serbia, the Europe whose moral and legal roots are inextricably linked to Christian Civilization.
The Serbian public opinion, together with the Government and the Parliament, is particularly sensitive to this topic which is fundamental for life and future of the country constantly commited to its full integration into the European Union.

“Make a WISH” for the Union of the blind Serbia

A few months ago the “Union of the blind” Serbia has sent a “WISH” to the Embassy: a Braille printing system.

Easy to understand, the life of the blind is particularly complicated, especially bearing in mind the access to reading. Nevertheless, there are many Serbian students who, even if partially sighted, are able to graduate. Perhaps also thanks to the well-stocked library of the Union which is the richest in the Balkans with about 80,000 texts (50.000 in Braille Alphabet).

Ambassador Alberto di Luca in talks with the Political Director of the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Zoran Vujić.

Belgrade, 12 October 2018

Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Serbia Alberto di Luca had a meeting with the Political Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Zoran Vujic.

During the cordial meeting, the excellent state of relations between Serbia and Sovereign Order of Malta has been mutually underlined, also indicated by the numerous humanitarian and social activities promoted by the Embassy in Belgrade.

No vacation for “Make a WISH”!

Belgrade, July 27th

In the exemplary synthesis of tender humanity and impeccable professionalism in the Institution St. Petka in Izvor, near Paracin, it happens frequently that some needs emerge to which the “system” seems to fail to provide necessary solutions in a timely manner.

Our National Day on the occasion of St. John the Baptist

Belgrade. June 12, 2018

This year as well, the Festivity of St. John the Baptist, Patron of the Order of Malta, was celebrated in a context of humanitarian and cultural diplomacy. It was organized twelve days prior to the date of Festivity, June 24, so that the traditional opera-event of the Order of Malta could fit the rich calendar of the National Theater in Belgrade. It was defined as the “cultural event of the year in Serbia” by the local press.