Not only “Make a WISH”

Belgrade, August 2016
The humanitarian activities of the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Belgrade, despite the intense efforts aimed at this time at the project “Make a WISH”, haven’t forgotten on the many other social and hospital realities on which their energies have been devoted for years.

The Knights of children’s hearts

One may often read in the local media that “this Ambassador” of this powerful country puts down “this other one”, “that Ambassador” of another powerful country, “pushes that other one”. For one Ambassador one may hear that he is here to get the hand of St. John the Baptist and the Icon of Lady of Philerme… that Ambassador, Alberto di Luca, a representative of the Knights of Malta, has let us follow him for a few days and find out the truth about his work. The only thing he got was children’s smiles …

Our National Day: Humanitarian diplomacy and culture.

Belgrade, June 22nd
For the second year in a row the festivity of St. John the Baptist, Patron Saint of the Sovereign Order of Malta, was celebrated in a context of humanitarian diplomacy and culture.

While it is clear to all that our mission is in favor of those most in need in the world, particularly in the 120 countries where we are present, sometimes it is harder to remember that our nearly 1,000 years of history also include culture. And so, for the second consecutive year, in the picturesque setting of the National Theatre of Belgrade, was performed the famous opera of Giuseppe Verdi “Rigoletto”, masterfully interpreted by the baritone Alberto Gazale and soprano Elena Mosuc.

At the National Theatre, in the presence of 550 people and the institutional, religious, diplomatic and cultural authorities, the Ambassador Alberto di Luca has addressed

Newsweek media partner of “Make a WISH”

Belgrade, June 15th, 2016

We are proud to announce that the project of our Embassy “Make a WISH to the Sovereign Order of Malta” for 2016 has attracted the attention, and the willingness to support it, of the Serbian edition of the prestigious magazine Newsweek.

Alternations in the Embassy

Belgrade, May

This month Mr. Albert Bouffier has left his position of Secretary of the Embassy at the Belgrade’s Chancellery. After two years of active and valued commitment, for which the Ambassador di Luca expressed his deepest gratitude, Bouffier has relinquished his diplomatic assignment due to increased work and family commitments. To replace him, Mr. Luca Marzocco was called that has, for some time, been collaborating on the humanitarian and social activities promoted by the Embassy to the Republic of Serbia.

An evening of humanitarian diplomacy and culture with the Opera RIGOLETTO at the National Opera Theater in Belgrade


On the occasion of the National Day of the Sovereign Order of Malta, the Embassy to the Republic of Serbia, presents an evening of humanitarian diplomacy and cultural offering access to the prestigious National Opera Theater of Belgrade to attend the Opera Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi on Wednesday June 22nd, 2016. Special guests of the evening are baritone Alberto Gazale and Soprano Elena Mosuc.

You can purchase
The RIGOLETTO GOLD for  €250:
Access to the theater and seating in a reserved seat in the front rows of the parterre.
Screenshot 2016-05-16 18.24.14

Access to the theater, sitting in the Royal Box – alongside the highest political, religious and diplomatic authorities of the country – a light buffet after the performance and a meet and greet in the foyer with baritone Alberto Gazale and Soprano Elena Mosuc.
Screenshot 2016-05-17 10.16.31

The full amounts, of the €250 as well as of the €1,000, will go to the support of the project “Make a WISH to the Sovereign Order of Malta” addressed to the orphans and disabled girls hosted at the Sremcica and Izvor Centers in Serbia.
To purchase tickets please write to