Reunion of young Catholics from all over Serbia

Belgrade, Oct. 7th, 2017

The Archdiocese of Belgrade has organized a reunion of young Catholics from all over Serbia in the capital.
“Bringing our youth together is very important – said H.E. Rev. Mons. Stanislav Hocevar, the Archbishop of Belgrade – because they live in specific circumstances as part of different ethnic minorities: Hungarian, Croat, Albanian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Check, Slovenian and Bulgarian, and are practically dispersed among the Serbian orthodox majority“.

Tipical “Make a WISH” letter

Belgrade, September 30th

We have received recently, at the Embassy, a “Make a WISH“ letter written by the perents of the 11-year old girl, Sandra R.
In the second week of life, she got an infection and dislocation of the right hip. The infection was treated by puncture, immobilization and traction, while the hip dislocation was treated by Pavlik harness. A consequence of the infection was the condition of right leg shortening (primarily the femur), as well as deformity of the hip.

Izvor, always in our thoughts

July 25, 2017

For the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Belgrade, the Monastery of St.Petka in Izvor, in particular – Center run by orthodox nuns, is a true example of human solidarity, spiritual sensitivity and concrete social commitment which bonds them to the mission and scope of the Maltese Order.

Ongoing surgical interventions of the “Make a WISH“ Project. A nice letter of thanks!

Niš, July 10

The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta is still receiving letters with requests for help for children in need regarding urgent or difficult surgical procedures, as part of the programme “Make a WISH”.

One of these letters was received from the parents of Djordje G. They informed the Embassy that their son needed an urgent operation which was not possible in the local state institution due to long waiting lists.