Help for the orphans of Sremcica


Sremcica, May 2014

The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta has during the recent days delivered to the Home for Children and Youth With Disabilities “Sremcica” an important supply of material needed for works of handicraft of its young guests, engaged in rehabilitation programs. In particular, in addition to working on PC’s and the recreational activities carried out thanks as well to the toys sent to Serbia from the ” Chicco Artsana ” Como ( Italy ), many young guests engage in skilled sewing and embroidery activities on canvases, which are periodically put up for sale to help the maintenance of these activities. The generous supply of these materials has been made possible thanks to an entrepreneur from Monaco , AV, who, after visiting the center, wanted to show his proximity to these children, with providing the required material for the direction of “Sremcica”.


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