4th Day of the Poor


Kovin, November 15

For the Sovereign Order of Malta, the Fourth World day of the poor is not only a moment of participation but it is, above all, a moment of help. This is the reason that the Embassy of the Order of Malta in Belgrade decided to give help to the Psychiatric Hospital “Kovin” in Kovin. It is the largest psychiatric hospital in the Republic of Serbia that deals with the treatment of neuropsychiatric patients from the entire territory of Serbia. It has over 600 beds for hospital treatment and for specialist visits also in day hospital.

They contacted us to inform us of their current needs. The urgency, in these difficult times of Covid-19, is for a disinfection tunnel for protection against the coronavirus. Why this tunnel when it comes to the poor? Because even poor people are afraid of contacts and hospital entries except in the case of serious or urgent illness. But we don’t think psychiatric illness is less urgent, so we responded to the request for this tunnel, which eliminates in few seconds traces of coronavirus from surfaces and tissues.