“A Hot meal in a cold Winter”


It is now an annual tradition. On New Year’s Eve, in Saint Paul de Vence in France, our friends Luigi and Ulrike celebrate the arrival of the New year with their guests, and they want all together, to remember  the people in need. And also, thanks to a small concert held by a great artist, the Soprano Claire Coolen, the evening became an opportunity to support our project “A hot meal in a cold Winter”.
Once again we have decided to support the “Shelter for children” which celebrated 65 years of activity in Belgrade in February. In agreement with the Director Mrs Danijela Stajkovic we thought of something that could provide professional training course to young protégés of the Shelter once they leave the Institute. By gaining skills in certain trades, it will be easier for them to find employment as adults. After we received the request at the Embassy, we decided to supply the Shelter with equipment for:
– training in hairdressing
– training and appliances for tailoring
– training and equipment for pottery workshop
– sublimation printing equipment
Children from the Shelter are very enthusiastic at the idea and they expressed their gratitude to the Ambassador Alberto di Luca and Luigi and Ulrike.