“A hot meal in a cold winter” in the Capital of Serbia


Belgrade, February 22nd, 2018

The Project “A hot meal in a cold winter”, promoted by the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Belgrade, is in its fourth year. This winter as well, it gives smiles to boys and girls-protegès of the Center “Shelter for Children”.

A hot meal in a cold winter
A hot meal in a cold winter

A proficient Director of the Center, Danijela Stajkovic, is managing with love, sensitivity and professionalism this important Institution reaching 60 years of humanitarian, social and educational activities.

Six decades entirely dedicated to welcoming boys and girls at this Center where they find shelter and care from sufferings that should never be experienced by young people in their adolescence.

Thanks to the fraternal collaboration with the Embassy of the Order of Malta, food and soft drinks were delivered. It was welcomed by this age-group of the protegès of the Center as it is welcomed by the most fortunate young people in many other countries.

The appointment to repeat and continue the initiative is set for the next month, in March.