"A hot meal on a cold winter"


March 2015

The project “A hot meal on a cold winter”, that was initiated last year by our Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Belgrade with the collaboration of the local Caritas, changed a little bit this year with the delivery of fresh bread and warm bakery goods for the poorest categories of the population in Serbia. Fresh bread and bakery goods were delivered this year to beneficiaries in Sabac and in Aleksinac. In order to obtain fresh and warm products, we distributed vouchers to the most needy, which enabled them to pick up their fresh bread or bakery good in the selected bakeries according to their own time and needs. The distribution of vouchers started for Christmas 2014, and continued in 2015, in Aleksinac and Sabac, every Saturday, up to March 15th in Sabac and end of March, 2015 in Aleksinac.


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