Make a WISH from Izvor


 Monastery in Izvor, Sept. 2020

Recently, we visited once again the Institution St.Petka, taken care by the Monastery in Izvor. This time we were accompanied by the Elder Borivoje Borac and 4 young missionaries and volunteers from LDS Charities.

It was the conclusion of a WISH received at the Embassy at the end of January – from the Orthodox Nuns of the Institute – which had been blocked by all the difficulties created by Covid. We talked about it with our LDS Charities friends who expressed their willingness to support the project with us with great pleasure.

The nun’s WISHes were related to the need to have a new electric oven, two laundry trolleys, an ironing board with boiler, a refrigerator for medicines, an inhalation device and medical supplies such as isopropyl alcohol, disinfectants, disposable gloves and vitamins.

As already mentioned, the pandemic has slowed down the realization of the project and consequent delivery. Due to Covid-19, this time we also had to wait for the Government permission to enter the Institute. Only our Make a WISH Project Manager Prof. Nenad Prokic and Elder Borivoje Borac were able to access, but of course with all the necessary precautions and physical distance.

Project Manager of the  “Make a WISH to the Order of Malta” Prof. Nenad Prokic accompanied by the Elder Borivoje Borac from LDS Charities on the day of  delivery of the WISH to the  Institution St.Petka led by the Orthodox Nuns.All-focus

Anyhow, what always remains “close” is the relationship between this Institute and the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Serbia, affectionately demonstrated by the girls gathered on the balcony to express their joy with a kind of dance based on the waving of hands!