Ambulance delivered in Belgrade


November, 2014

The collaboration between Cisom Lombardia, Fondazione Ca ‘d’Industria from Como and the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the Republic of Serbia, has allowed to fulfill a latent necessity of Belgrade’s University Medical Center Zvezdara. An ambulance was needed, and its delivery was quickly made possible to the Director, Prof. Dr. Sc. Aleksandra Arandjelovic. The requirements of the Center are now for special beds and equipment for the hospitality of the patients. Ambassador Alberto di Luca said he was willing to make the “research” of donors for this equipment. After the mini ceremony of delivery, in the presence of Serbian media, the Director of the Center thanked with words of enthusiasm and sincere gratefulness  those who found, donated and drove the vehicle from Como to Belgrade: Thanks to Marco Bossi, Giacomo Salemma and Alessandro Zocchi!

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