An important help from the Order of Malta Switzerland


Belgrade, May 31

The Order of Malta has diplomatic relations with 107 countries in the world and with 15 countries more maintains specific official relations which make the international cooperation possible and operational.

This is the example of Switzerland which doesn’t have diplomatic relations with the Order yet, but on the territory of the Confederation there is a widespread structure of the Order of Malta generously aimed at supporting humanitarian activities in other countries.

The real example is tireless Dr Guido Stöckli, Managing Director of humanitarian and medical activities of the Order of Malta Switzerland.

So, in recent days, a load of medical equipment for the Red Cross Sremska Mitrovica was gifted from Flamatt: 9 electric dialysis chairs, 9  electric adjustable beds, 9 beds for babies, wheelchairs, hospital linen, clothes for children and adults and 400 kits of sanitary material.