An important initiative by Malteser International for the refugee crisis


Vranje, December 21st

In the wake of the spirit and mission of the Sovereign Order of Malta to support those who are suffering, the Embassy in Belgrade is pleased to announce that, on the occasion of Christmas, ended an activity carried out in collaboration with the German Malteser International.
The President himself, Erich-Georg Prince of Lobkowicz, has coordinated the shipment of a large amount of humanitarian aid, during the days of Christmas Eve, which is being delivered in the Serbian town of Vranje.
The shipment, from Germany, is consisted of hundreds of kits containing food and personal hygiene products for migrants and refugees transiting Serbia. There are also mattresses, bedding, clothing, tents and more useful products in emergency situations.
Once again, the humanitarian operation of the Sovereign Order of Malta has proven to show no geographical, religious or ethnic boundaries, being always sensitive and caring towards those who need a helping hand.