Beds for Montessori kindergarten in Serbia


Some 20 years ago, on September 18, 2001, the first kindergarten in Croatian – Marija Petković – Sunčica was opened  in Serbia. It was at the same time the first Catholic kindergarten in Serbia and the first kindergarten in Subotica where work was carried out, and it is still carried out according to the Maria Montessori program.

However, the importance of this kindergarten is best known to children and their parents, who are aware of what the children can learn there. Not just what’s in the school programs, but much more and deeper; foundations for the rest of life.

The opening of a nursery within the Marija Petković – Sunčica kindergarten has been under consideration for a long time. The desire was present, and the need is visible. If they had a nursery as part of the kindergarten, it would be much more simpler for parents, and children would be able to gain complete education from the earliest age in the Montessori program.

As teacher Piuković told us, the kindergarten itself is guarded by three Marys: Mary Montessori, Mary Petković and heavenly Mother Mary.

The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in the Republic of Serbia, as part of  Make a Wish project, has acquired beds for nursery in cooperation with Caritas of North Macedonia.