Children from the “Shelter for Children” in the Project “A hot meal in a cold Winter”


Belgrade, Dec. 9

Since last March “Shelter for Children” has transfered to a new location where it continues to host children and take proffessional care of them.

Delegation of the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta has visited the Center and Director Danijela Stajkovic to confirm its support also during the winter 2019-2020.

The new buildings of “Shelter for Children” in Belgrade

Ambassador Alberto di Luka with his wife Emanuela and the Embassy Secretary Mauro Torre, wanted to get acquainted with the new building and facilities but also to meet the children. In addition to the Shelter where children, aged 7 – 18 years, are permanently residing, with the capacity of 48 beds, a new part has been opened – Shelter Day Care (capacity: 30 beds), which serves as a lounge for children where they get meals and where they are kept away from street.

Chromotherapy room

At the Shelter children are being followed and included in training programs where they can also play and get distracted from their problems. One of the rooms which is the most appreciated by youngsters is the music room (for singing and playing music), and the chromotherapy room (for emotional sensitization ). A pottery room is also popular where children make very attractive flower pots.

The Director and the children have been told that, also this year, one of the pillars of financial support of the Project “A hot meal in a cold Winter” is the Charity Dinner going to be organized by the spouses Ulrike and Luigi Ruggieri on December 31 in the South of France.

On Monday, Dec. 9, “Shelter for Children” was the promoter of the event at the City Hall of Belgrade, during which a cultural program was held where children brought their works to participate in a competition, and their handicrafts were subsequently put on sale.

From left to right: Emanuela di Luca, Embassy Secretary Mauro Torre, Director of the “Shelter for Children” Danijela Stajkovic, Ambassador Alberto di Luca and Manager of the Shelter,  Nikola Sumarac
At the ceremony organized by the Shelter for Children, from right to left: Prof. Nenad Prokic, Make a WISH Manager, Mayor of Belgrade Dr. Zoran Radojicic, Secretary at our Embassy Tamara Jovanovic Slavinski, presenter at the ceremony – actor  Svetislav Goncic

During the cordial visit to the Shelter, the Director expressed two WISHES to the delegation of the Embassy, which we report here: ” would it be possible to adapt one of the rooms into a small carpentry workshop and engravings with the necessary equipment? “and/or” to equip a first aid room with 4 metal beds with antibacterial mattresses and appropriate medical equipment?“ Ambassador di Luka and Secretary Mauro Tore’s response was that they wanted to insert at least one of these two WISHES into the project “Make a WISH to the Order of Malta 2020” which has recently received an important financial support thanks to the Charity Dinner organized on November 21, in Milan.

In the picture above:

Concise but very true and effective message: “Sometimes, in life, things go according to our plans. Sometimes unexpected things happen. The important thing is knowing how to turn problems into opportunity”