Donation to the Creative Educational Center KEC in Belgrade


Belgrade, March 2023

This time, it was the Creative Educational Center KEC in Belgrade that expressed a WISH. This Center is an Association of voluntary citizens, established in 2002, which bases all its programs and its many years of work on designing the life and work of people with minor disabilities. The goals and tasks of KEC are: improving the quality of life of users, preparation for independent living, social inclusion, work engagement, employment, realization of human rights and education of the general population to overcome prejudices.

So far, 260 people have gone through this program and now they work in various companies and institutions throughout Belgrade.

All programs of the center are developed in partnership with protégés and their parents and guardians. KEC constantly develops innovative programs or adapts existing ones in accordance with interests and needs of their users.

Within our project “Make and WISH to the Order of Malta” we have decided to make their wish come true and give them the opportunity to keep pace with the world and new technologies by providing a certain number of computers with all the necessary accessories.

In the photo, at the Embassy, the delivery of the WISHES to the Director Margareta Kecman accompanied by three children.