First Secretary of our Embassy has joined the Sovereign Order of Malta


Sacro Monte of Varese, Italy, May 26

With a solemn religious Ceremony at the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte – on the Sacred Mount of Varese – the investiture of the new brothers to the Sovereign Order of Malta was held.
First Secretary of our Embassy, Giorgio Giuliano, accepted the investiture today.
It was a special day for the Sovereign Order of Malta, above all on the spiritual level and especially for our friend Giorgio since the entry into the Order gives fullness to his commitment on the earthly path which persists under the light of our Polar Star: “Defence of the faith and assistance to the poor” for almost a thousand years.
At the end of the Holy Mass, Giorgio Giuliano received congratulations and best wishes from the Delegate of Lombardy, Baron Guglielmo Guidobono Cavalchini accompanied by heartfelt wishes of his colleagues and friends from the Embassy in Belgrade.