From IEO and Monzino of Milan, an important aid to the University Hospital Zvezdara.


Belgrade, April 8th, 2014

Our first Counsellor of the Embassy, Mr. Buora, is the President of IEO (European Institute of Oncology) and the Monzino Cardiology Center, the only exclusively cardiology hospital in Europe. Thanks to him, and above all thanks to IEO and Monzino, it was possible to realize a project of humanitarian cooperation between Milan and Belgrade. Numerous equipment and equipment held for sale by the two Italian hospitals were sent to the University Medical Center of Zvezdara, Belgrade. The 135 square meters of equipment, after many bureaucratic difficulties, have arrived and have been delivered during the first few days of April. Discharged the two big trucks, today was the official delivery to the Director of the hospital, Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Arandjelovic, who , very moved , thanked also through the TV stations present, IEO , Monzino and the Sovereign Order of Malta. In particular, new special beds and defibrillators have been placed at the cardiology department recently restored, that is now made ​​more comfortable and equipped thanks to this donation. The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta has managed the not so easy logistics around the collection of the equipment, the shipment, and the complex procedures for customs clearance. Through common intention to continue the collaboration, the Director Aleksandra Arandjelovic , wanted to introduce  Ambassador Alberto di Luca to the Head of the Department of Ophthalmology , Dr. Miroslav Stamenkovic , to assess the possibility of cooperation on the issue of maculopathy.