Goodbye Serbia!


In the splendid setting of Hotel Palazzo Parigi in Milan, the Charity Dinner of the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the Republic of Serbia was held. The event served as an opportunity to give support to the “Make a WISH – Water for Life” project, aiming to provide access to water for those in need in specific regions of Serbia. The support extends to addressing the water requirements of the leprosarium backed by the Sovereign Order of Malta in the Arab Republic of Egypt and in another country in the process of definition.

As for Serbia, attention is focused on the Santa Petka Institution in Izvor, which hosts about a hundred girls with psychophysical problems, managed by Orthodox Sisters. The Make a WISH initiative for this institution will ensure electrical autonomy for the operation of their water network. 

In the Arab Republic of Egypt, the presence of the Embassy of the Order guarantees the sustainability of the leprosarium in a village near Cairo. Ambassador Mario Carotenuto, through the “Make a WISH” initiative, expressed their need for the construction of a new well.

The evening was attended by 300 people, including H.E. Ambassador Ursula Zuccoli (Ambassador in Sofia), Ambassador-designate for Belgrade Francesco Amoruso, and many others, mainly from Milan, the Principality of Monaco, and Brescia. 

A short film was projected to communicate the realization of the project launched during the Charity Dinner of 2022: a multifunctional sports field inaugurated by the Minister of Human Rights, Social Dialogue, and Minorities, H.E. Tomislav Žigmanov. We take pride in sharing this achievement with the donors who are once again present this year.

The significant turnout was confirmed by the brilliant results of the auction, featuring items such as a FIAT 500 offered by Mocauto in Milan, gold ingots from MarioVilla Precious Metals, a wall clock personalized with the logo “Make a WISH to the Order of Malta,” a special Jeroboam of Moet & Chandon champagne, several Audemars Piguet table clocks, a holiday in Sardinia with a boat available from Given For Yachting, as well as stays including spa&beauty treatments from Villa Eden in Merano, Ralph Lauren bags, inovative TooA ice cream makers, and many other items.

During his speech, Ambassador Alberto di Luca informed the guests that after 12 years of activity in Belgrade, he will leave Serbia to go to the Principality of Monaco. The quality of life, along with social and health well-being in the Principality, will ensure – as Ambassador di Luca emphasized – a particular focus on humanitarian initiatives outside Monaco as well. “How could I forget Serbia and the Serbs?”

Ambassador Carotenuto, who couldn’t attend due to a sudden illness, expressed his gratitude for the support of the project in Egypt.

The presence at the Charity Dinner of the Receiver of the Common Treasure and Member of the Sovereign Council, H.E. Fabrizio Colonna, was particularly welcomed, with a special acknowledgment for his genuine appreciation of the collaborative spirit among various Embassies of the Order. His intervention on the topics of structure, governance, and financing was highly appreciated, especially by guests interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the Order, listening to the direct voice of a government member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Then, an “electronic” lottery awarded a stay offered by Fineco.

At the end of the evening, public recognition was given for the organizational work carried out by the Embassy Secretary Mauro Torre and the event host Monica Mattiolo for her effective yet unintrusive action. 

In his closing words, Ambassador di Luca shared the remarkable auction results with the audience, receiving warm wishes for his successful work in the Principality of Monaco.

The presence at the Charity Dinner of the Receiver of the Common Treasure and Member of the Sovereign Council, H.E. Fabrizio Colonna, was particularly welcomed.
Ambassador Alberto di Luca, accompanied by Embassy Secretary Mauro Torre and the event host Monica Mattiolo, warmly welcomes and expresses gratitude to everyone in attendance for their generous support of the “Make a WISH – Water for Life” project.
The Ambassador Alberto di Luca, who is leaving Serbia on November 30, with his successor, the Ambassador-designate Francesco Amoruso.