Goran Petrovic , the Deputy Foreign Minister’s wish for the Grand Master’s and the Grand Chancellor’s visits to Serbia .


Belgrade, February 28th 2014

On February 28th, in a particularly friendly atmosphere, Ambassador Alberto di Luca met with the Deputy Director of the Directorate General for Bilateral Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Ambassador Goran Petrovic, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgrade.

During the long and cordial meeting various issues were addressed in regards to the already excellent relations between the Order of Malta and Serbia.

In particular, Ambassador di Luca and Ambassador Petrovic spoke about the ongoing activities and future projects of bilateral cooperation in the light of the recently signed humanitarian Agreement which facilitates the multiple initiatives of the Embassy of the Order in Serbia.

Among other topics discussed, were the common desire to soon reach the signing of the Postal Agreement and a joint assessment on the importance of developing cooperation in all fields between the two parties. In addition, the Deputy Minister Petrovic has expressed to Ambassador di Luca the Serbian authorities’ wishes for the definition of dates of the expected visits, of the Grand Master and the Grand Chancellor to Belgrade.