Help for children with diabetes


Belgrade, 30th September 2014

In an atmosphere of friendship and cordiality, Ambassador Alberto di Luca has received, at the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Belgrade, Mr. Borko Marinkovic, President of the Association against Childhood diabetes in Kragujevac.

After the devastating floods that hit Serbia during the recent months, many diabetes patients, most importantly children, have found themselves in serious difficulties due to the lack of medical supplies.

The President Marinkovic explained the initiatives promoted by the Association, in particular those that bind children with diabetes to sports. The Association was, and still is, faced with many difficulties after the floods. Ambassador di Luca was made aware on the organizational arrangements put in place to compensate for the lack of medical supplies, devices, tape, needles, insulin and oral medications, as well as on the problems of finding them and then distribute them to the children of the affected areas.

During the meeting, projects were discussed for the upcoming Diabetes Day of November 14th, and possible forms of cooperation to be implemented with the support of Italian or French benefactors.

To give a first concrete aid to the Association, for the purchase of “Kits” urgently needed, the funds raised during the charity event organized in Milan, last June, from Meritalia and Zepter International in collaboration with the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Serbia, have been addressed to them.


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