In the context of history for a new ambitious Make a WISH


Bač, July

Traces of the nearly thousand-year-old history of the Sovereign Order of Malta can be found all over the world. Also in Serbia, where the Hospitallers of St. John (nowadays the Sovereign Order of Malta) built a hospital and a church in Bač – in 1234 – which was used by pilgrims during their travels to Jerusalem.
The opportunity to visit the Catholic Church of the Holy Apostle Paul, as well as the historical part of the city of Bač, was offered to us by the Archbishop of  Belgrade Mons. Stanislav Hočevar and the Bishop of Subotica Mons. Slavko Večerin.

Above all, this was an opportunity to discuss an ambitious project “Make a WISH to the Order of Malta“, related to multipurpose sports field construction on the land of the Church, which would be used by disabled children and also by young residents of Bač.
The preparatory meeting was attended by the new pastor Don Marinko Stantić, President of the Croatian National Council (HNV) Ms. Jasna Vojnić, architect Ms. Branka Hegediš, physical education professor Čedomir Višić, HNV Project manager Filip Čeliković and the Project manager of “Make a WISH to the Order of Malta” prof. Nenad Prokić.