It is a prayer more than a WISH


Belgrade – Montemurlo (Prato-Italia)
May 9

In Italy, a few days ago, a young 22-year-old mother died at work. Unfortunately like many other women in Europe or Serbia or any other country.
The news, however, saddened us more than other similar ones, because Alessio, the little 5-year-old son, understandably did not give up on the idea that his mother – Luana D’Orazio – had flown to Heaven. Alessio asked his young grandmother Emma if by praying harder to Devine Child Jesus, his mother could return to earth. The wise grandmother told Alessio that his mother will not be able to return because she is already with him in his little heart.
Apart of beautiful words of the grandmother and of all those who stand by the little Alessio, we also wanted to be close to little Alessio – on Mother’s Day – in this difficult situation.
And we would like to invite you to follow our lead! Thank you.
Please direct your donations to “Comitato Montemurlo solidate” IBAN IT11 U030 6937 9791 0000 0004 565, BIC BCITITMMXXX
at Banca Intesa San Paolo – 
Filiale di Montemurlo (PO), Via Scarpettini 17. The purpose of payment is “Donation for Luana“.

PS: Thanks to the collaboration of the Group Montemurlo CISOM (Italian Rescue Corps of the Sovereign Order of Malta).