Make a WISH 2018


Belgrade, 11 July

Every WISH which arrives at the Embassy of the Order in Belgrade is always the bearer of difficult stories and, often, of suffering that affects and moves.

It surprised and encouraged the serenity with which people affected by the hardest difficulties – such as blindness – have presented some of their WISHES for help with simple things, but lacking in their not easy daily life, or for things of particular utility in the conditions in where they are found.

And so, from the typical white sticks to the most complex and sophisticated printers with “Breille” characters, the chain of solidarity was activated, in the way that the WISHES arrived in Belgrade.

On Wednesday 11th July, the first WISHs were delivered, the most rapidly available, at the Association of the Blind People Serbia (

In the autumn we will proceed with the donation of equipment that requires longer times for the retrieval and delivery.