Make a WISH to the Sovereign Order of Malta Rule Book 2016


Rule Book 2016

Make a WISH to the Sovereign Order of Malta

Initiative for children and adults from Serbia with physical and mental disabilities for the Year 2016

Physically and mentally disabled children and adults are among the human beings that suffer the most at any time in any society. Among the most fragile they are the most vulnerable: very often completely abandoned, poorly assisted and taken care of, also marginalized by the prevalence of selfishness and indifference, and, unfortunately, of violence.

In Serbia about 190.000 households have family members that have certain level of mental disability. More than 2.500 of them are placed in special institutions scattered throughout the country and the majority of them are abandoned children. 

Nearly all institutions for the housing and care of disabled children and adults are public except for one that is run by Nuns of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The Center was established in 1946. Since 2003, the Center of St. Petka is under the jurisdiction of the Centre for Social Work in Paraffin (central Serbia), and represents today a unique facility of cooperation among State institutions and the Serbian Orthodox Church.
Serbia’s EU accession process has started recently however the social-welfare reform is still far away.
The Order of Malta has a millennial history of dedication and service to the poorest of the poor, the weakest of the weak.

In Serbia, since the beginning of the Order’s presence, various humanitarian and social initiatives have been undertaken together with educational and training programs.

During 2015, the project undertaken by the Embassy in Serbia and baptized Make a WISH to the Sovereign Order of Malta” – financed by funds collected during a successful charity-dinner held in the Principality of Monaco – has helped 1.500 children from the hardest hit areas by the floods of 2014.
That very positive result has encouraged us to repeat the initiative in 2016 with a new Make a WISH to the Sovereign Order of Malta” aimed precisely at children and adults with physical and mental disabilities.
With this project the Order of Malta’s Embassy in Serbia intends to intensify its solidarity presence in the Serbian society, with full respect of its traditions, identity and culture of its noble people in a spirit of ecumenical brotherhood between the Orthodox and Catholic Christians.
The beneficiaries of the project will be mentally and physically disabled children and adults living in two institutions: The Institute for children and youth “Sremcica (close to Belgrade) – praiseworthy public institution accommodating up to 300 people of different ages – and the home for mentally disabled people of the Monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church St Petka, village Izvor close to Paracin accommodating up to 92 females of different ages
Both institutions will collect and perform a firstscreening and selection of the WISHES of its guestsIt will be possible to have a single WISH by single person as well as group WISHES.
The Project will be implemented in two separate actions: one from March to April for collecting the letters of the requested WISHES; the other one from March to September to search for donorsindividual and institutional, from Serbia and other countries among which are France, Italythe Principality of Monaco, Taiwan, Hungary.
The collected WISHES will be delivered throughout the year 2016, from March to December, according to the urgency and to the availability of the donors.
Even for this year our Media-Partners will be the local newspaper POLITIKA and the television network PINK TV.