Monastery of Izvor, “Make a WISH”: an ambulance.


Como – Belgrade, July 2016

One of the most important WISHES of the home that welcomes girls with mental disabilities of the Monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church “St. Petka”, in the village of Izvor, is undoubtedly to have its own ambulance.
Emergencies, with a hospital on a 30 kilometers distance and equipped with a single ambulance, have put too many times in danger the 92 girls housed in this center led, with tireless determination and love, by 20 Orthodox nuns guided by Sister Glikerija.
20160718_124324Thanks to a generous donor of the Principality of Monaco, working closely with our Embassy in Belgrade, an ambulance in excellent conditions has been donated, complete with necessary first aid equipment, a special stretcher and new installations for oxygen.
On Sunday, July 17th our trusted “special driver” Alessandro Zocchi has arrived to Serbia and on Monday the 18th the Ambulance – in the courtyard in front of the Embassy of the Sovereign Order in Belgrade – was delivered to Sister Glikerija and her collaborators.
After completion of customs clearances and registration procedures, in September, the ambulance will be ready for the official handover delivery together with large quantities of medical supplies obtained thanks to the help of some volunteers of CISOM from Como.