Not only “Make a WISH”


Belgrade, August 2016
The humanitarian activities of the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Belgrade, despite the intense efforts aimed at this time at the project “Make a WISH”, haven’t forgotten on the many other social and hospital realities on which their energies have been devoted for years. This is the case for NURDOR – – ever since, thanks to an important auction, organized in collaboration with “Il Sole 24 Hours”, 100,000 euros needed were collected, to begin the works of construction of a structure able to accommodate both children being taken care of in the day hospital, at the Oncology Hospital for children of Belgrade, and the parents of the children hospitalized for a long time period and with the difficulty of staying in Belgrade to assist their children. During the recent days, in the active continuation of this collaboration, Ambassador Alberto di Luca presented to the director of “NURDOR”, Branislava Penov, clothing kits generously offered by Italian donors.