One more WISH


Serbia – Milan (Italy), October 29

There is a Hospital in Italy considered as a Centre of excellence at the international level: Monzino Cardiology Centre in Milan. Both for medical staff and equipment, Monzino is a destination for people who need a world-leading care.

In various hospitals, some particular pathologies are treated with profoundly different methods of intervention. Such is the case for very complex operations that require open-heart surgery, which can however be carried out in a non-invasive manner. With the obvious advantage considering the quality of the postoperative course.

Equally relevant is the choice – when necessary – of the heart valve to be applied to the patient, and also in this field the technology available at Monzino is the one at the best world level.

Last August, a WISH for one of these complex operations arrived at the Embassy in Belgrade. We contacted the Monzino Hospital, verified the possibility of intervening in the best and the least traumatic way and before long the intervention was organized.

The patient – already back in Serbia and in excellent health –  expresses his sincere thanks to the entire medical team led by Professor Antonio Bartorelli and Mr. Mauro Melis, CEO of the Monzino Cardiology Centre.