Pre-Christmas “Make a WISH” for Sremcica


Sremcica, December

Solidarity has no units of measure, so it would be reductive to think of the WISH received from the Center in Sremcica with their request of the tons of food products like potatoes, cabbage, lemon and other fruits and vegetables.
We would rather focus on that part of the WISH relating to the purchase of stationery materials used by young protegès of the Center for their handcraft activities. And, with the Holy Christmas at the doorstep, we invite everybody – especially those living in Serbia – to follow our example and purchase these beautiful, very well done greeting cards full of joy, knowing that such delicate hands have made them. Besides greetings, they bring us thoughts and best wishes of the children from Sremcica.
Contact phone number of the Center in Sremcica+381 11 25 26 329