Proceeding with “Make a WISH”


Belgrade, Dec. 13

Sometimes we receive a letter at the Embassy with request for a “WISH” that is also a birthday present. Such a case occurred last month when we got a “Make a WISH to the Order of Malta” letter from Marija P, a 17-year-old girl from Valjevo (a town in Western Serbia) just around her birthday on November 14.
Marija explained in her letter how worried she was about the health of her Mom who is suffering from severe lung disease. They lacked money for a special type of lung scanner that would provide accurate diagnosis which is available only in private hospitals in small towns considering the urgency and seriousness of her mother’s condition.
Therefore, Marija put pen to paper and wrote a letter (quoted below) to the Embassy of the Order of Malta in Belgrade. The Embassy Commission, in charge of the analysis and verification of the “Make a WISH” received, immediately gave its favorable opinion sending at the same time affectionate double-wishes of health and serenity to Marija and her Mom.