Project “A hot meal in a cold winter” completed


Belgrade,  May 23

The Director of the Center Shelter for Children, Mrs. Danijela Stajkovic and some of the children accommodated in this well-organized and efficient social institution from Belgrade, have warmly welcomed the Ambassador Alberto di Luca with the small ceremony marking the end of the project “A hot meal in a cold winter”.

The Shelter for Children takes care of children aged 7-18, who are often victims of violence, abuse and neglecting; victims of human trafficking; children deprived of parental care and/or street children; dramatic and strenuous everyday tragedies painfully shared by many countries of our “civilized” Europe.

The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Serbia is giving help for three years now to the Shelter for Children which took care of 80.000 children in its 58 years of work.

A generous and sensible activity of Mrs. Ulrike Natus Ruggieri – who has organized a Charity-Dinner last winter attended by friends coming from Italy, France and Monaco – provided help to aid the Shelter’s users until these days.

The Director and the Ambassador expressed the same hope that next winter as well would be possible a Charity-Dinner to be organized and raised funds to aid the Center’s activities.