Project Nurdor: now the promised home is ready!


Christmas 2013

For many parents of children with cancer in Serbia, needing a place to stay while their children were cared for, Christmas brought them a home; the gift they’ve been long waiting for. This story, with happy ending, begins in Milan in February 2012. At the invitation of the Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Belgrade, Alberto di Luca , the magazine 24 Hours ( group Il Sole 24 Ore ) with its director Augusto Capitanucci , organized an auction for 24 important watches. As a result € 100,000 were collected! The Embassy in Belgrade of the Sovereign Order of Malta, with the help of the Italian Help Them Onlus, took this important amount to Belgrade. During a press conference held in June 2012, in the presence of the Ambassador and the First Counsellor of the Chancery of the Order of Malta in Belgrade, the President of Help Them , Fabio Cerchiai , the authorities of the municipality of Belgrade, and of course, the representatives of Nurdor , a “large” check was delivered representing the transfer of the €100,000.

Not so few were the bureaucratic, technical and logistical difficulties encountered. But, as it always happens when the intention is high and noble, the goal has been successfully reached during the past few days.

Left are now the last decor and furnishing details before the official opening of the home available to parents who, otherwise, could not accompany their children to be healed!

Happy New Year to all, especially to those who have believed in and supported this highly humanitarian initiative.