Serbia was yet again “attacked” from the sky.


June 2014

Fifteen years after those air strikes from the sky, which caused so much damage, another attack came from the sky, this time, a devastating natural disaster. The deaths exceeded the tragic number of 50. Several are still missing, but the most worrying are the ones left homeless. The fury of the waters brought down, as if they were twigs, entire buildings of tens of thousands of people. The rescue machine is in motion and help and support is arriving from many parts of the world. Naturally, the Sovereign Order of Malta is actively present with its local facilities, through the Embassy in Belgrade, and both through its international relief organization, Malteser, and the Italian entities involved through the Embassy of the Order in Serbia. In particular many thanks go to the supermarket ESSELUNGA that, through the Lombardy Delegation of the Order, immediately responded to the request for help. A first contingent was delivered by Ambassador Alberto di Luca in Belgrade, and by the 10th of this month will arrive in Serbia a second load for a total of 66 pallets: 41 of food and 25 of clothing and products for personal hygiene. It is equal to 17.33 tons, of which 11.5 of food and 5.5 of other goods. The Piedmont Delegation of the Sovereign Order of Malta is taking steps as well to ship a significant amount of clothing.