The Ambassadors of smiles in Belgrade


Belgrade calls and Milan answers. It is scientifically recognized that a smile is a therapy. With this certainty, the volunteers of the Veronica Sacchi Milan Onlus  have applied the Clown Doctors therapy throughout Italy and worldwide. Only one fundamental link was missing to make possible a period of presence in Belgrade, alongside the Association Nurdor. The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Belgrade, successfully found a generous donor in Milan who was ready to finance all costs of travel and accommodations for the boy-clowns. The Chief Executive Officer of Alessandro Rosso Group, Loredana Vavassori, immediately reacted: she offered to “Veronica Sacchi” tens of unicycles, which were sold at a market. And so, with the raised funds, it was possible to put smiles on the faces of children hospitalized in the oncology department of the hospital in Belgrade. These activities took place in the days in which works began on the construction of the new Parental House with the funds of € 100,000 raises also in Milan, by the Sovereign Order of Malta.