The Archbishop of Belgrade in Milan for San Carlo


Milan, November 4th


The bridge between East and West is always open for the Archbishop of Belgrade Mons. Stanislav Hočevar, who has once again shown his closeness to “Mediolanum”.

During his visit to Milan, various topics relating to the activities of the Sovereign Order of Malta as well as inter-religious issues, were discussed.

Ambassador Alberto di Luca – Milanese by birth – welcomed the Archbishop of Belgrade together with the Archbishop of Milan H.E. The Most Reverend Delpini. Among the topics discussed were the activities of the Order of Malta in Serbia, which are often supported by benefactors from Milan. The Archbishop of Milan, then, during the prayer, joined Monsignor Hocevar and Ambassador di Luca in the enchanting chapel dedicated to San Carlo.

Diplomats of the Embassy of the Order of Malta to Serbia – Minister Counselor Carlo Buora, Counselor Franco Ziviani, Secretary Mauro Torre – also held talks with the Archbishop of Belgrade and exchanged views on operational procedures concerning the very important “Make a WISH” that arrived from the city of Bac (in Northern Serbia). Their WISH is to help build a sports field that would support the sports activities of young people so they can be kept off the street. Soon the project will be presented to everyone, while on San Carlo’s Day, it was decided that Charity dinner would be organized in Milan in the spring, in order to support the initiative which received today the blessing of Archbishop Hocevar and his confirmation to attend the dinner.

In the late afternoon of the 4th of November, the Archbishop of Belgrade also concelebrated a Holy Mass with the Archbishop of Milan in the Milan Cathedral which was also attended by the Knights of the Order of Malta of the Delegation of Lombardy together with the faithful.