“The Global Fund for Forgotten People” for “Make a WISH”


Izvor, September 28th, 2016

Many WISHES have been received from the center Izvor of the Serbian Orthodox Church’s Monastery “St. Petka“, in the village of Izvor, which houses 92 girls with mental disabilities, as well as from the orphanage of Sremcica.

dsc00315schermata-2016-09-28-alle-17-34-04Perhaps one of the most surprising requests was one for washing and drying machines.

Particularly “St. Petka” needed washing machines capable of sustaining very frequent use for the wash of linens and, understandably because of the Balkan climate, dryers for frequent use.

These important WISHES for industrial machines for Izvor have become a reality thanks to the generous and decisive intervention ofThe Global Fund for Forgotten People (

Ambassador Alberto di Luca, accompanied by the Director of the project Make a WISH Prof. Nenad Prokic, on the occasion of the delivery of the machines, presented to Sister Glikerija – the Mother Superior that manages the “house” where are houses the girls with so much love and admirable dedication – how The Global Fund for Forgotten People operates in the world.

The emotion-filled words of gratitude expressed by Sister Glikerija to The Global Fund for Forgotten People, and to the entire Sovereign Order of Malta, have been “God always returns what is given!”.

Next time, once the practices for registration in Serbia completed, will take place he official delivery of an ambulance.