The official farewell and the closure of our website


Ambassador Alberto di Luca, who has led this Chancery for the past 12 years, came to Belgrade – now as the Ambassador-designate to the Principality of Monaco – to bid farewell to the political and religious authorities of Serbia.

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Minister Ivica Dacic wanted to meet Ambassador di Luca despite his numerous institutional commitments and those related to the upcoming elections. It was also an opportunity to present an award to Milos Cavic, Chief of the Department for Neighboring Countries and Southeast Europe, for the support provided during the long-lasting preparations for the signing of the Postal Agreement between Serbia and the Order of Malta. Minister Dacic expressed gratitude for the efforts made in recent years by the Embassy in support of various humanitarian initiatives. 

Historical references were not lacking in the almost millennial history of the Order of Malta. Indeed, there was discussion about the medical train with 10 wagons that the Sovereign Military Order of Malta donated to the Kingdom of Serbia in 1885 during the war with the Principality of Bulgaria. There was also discussion about the selection of the location for establishing the “Make a WISH” sports field: Bac, the same place where the first hospital of the Knights of Malta was founded in 1234.

The meeting concluded with a shared hope for a joint humanitarian initiative, born in Monaco and brought to life in Serbia!     

As for the religious authorities, Ambassador di Luca was received by the Archbishop of Belgrade Msgr. Ladislav Nemet, who recalled the long years of mutual acquaintance since he was the bishop of Zrenjanin.

At the Nunciature, Ambassador di Luca and his wife were warmly welcomed by the Apostolic Nuncio in Belgrade H.E. Msgr. Santo Gangemi for an enjoyable breakfast. The discussions centered around various topics, emphasizing initiatives dedicated to promoting peace and providing aid to people in need.