Tipical “Make a WISH” letter


Belgrade, September 30th

We have received recently, at the Embassy, a “Make a WISH“ letter written by the perents of the 11-year old girl, Sandra R.
In the second week of life, she got an infection and dislocation of the right hip. The infection was treated by puncture, immobilization and traction, while the hip dislocation was treated by Pavlik harness. A consequence of the infection was the condition of right leg shortening (primarily the femur), as well as deformity of the hip.

Tipico “Make a WISH”

At the age of nine, at the University Children’s Clinic in Belgrade, the first surgical treatment was induced, implying the correction of the shortening and deformity of the right femoral neck (resulting from neonatal osteomyelitis of the right hip).
At that time, the diagnoses was: progressive shortening and deformity of the femur.
Other four hospitalizations, the last one in June 27th 2017 when the fixator and “foreign bodies” (wedges) were removed from the right leg, because the elongation was successfully completed free of deformities (the right leg is by 2.5 cm longer than the left one).
Current situation: considering Sandra’s age ( she is at the age of 11 now), two to three operations need to be performed in the forthcoming period, for correction of the bone length, because her growth has not ended yet.
During that time, the patient shall be monitored at the General Hospital “Sava Surgery” by paediatricians, orthopaedists, physiatrists and radiologists, in order to make a timely decision on continuation of the surgical-orthopaedic treatment.
We are now trying to find funds for the two upcoming operations at least.